Who we are

Maybridge Capital was set up to develop residential and commercial properties in the UK.

Through offering discretion, integrity, fairness and professionalism, the company’s aim has always been to become one of the leading operators in the UK market.

We specialise in, but are not restricted to, providing financially sustainable building projects, including renewable energy and ecologically sound developments.

We work closely with premium investors & financial institutions to provide the best resources and with individuals, institutions or companies who have development opportunities they either want to sell, offload, undertake a joint venture or need someone to take over due to financial reasons or lack of experience.

What we do

Maybridge Capital is a UK based property developer which operates using three models: Purchase, Joint Ventures and Current Projects.

We work with individuals or companies that have properties suitable for development purposes. Owners contact us with their potential projects and then through a discovery process we ascertain the most suitable funding option, the methods of progressing and eventually make a proposal based upon one of our business models.

The models we provide are: purchasing properties outright for ease and convenience, entering into joint ventures where we undertake the development with the owner or the take over of current projects where a variety of issues have prevented them being completed.

Whether the vendor’s proposals come with planning permission or not we will study the viability of projects offered.
  • Purchase
  • Joint Ventures
  • Current Projects


Subject to viability, business sense, verification and legal checks, we can make an offer on a project to purchase the property for a cash sum with a fast track exchange and completion.
Through this model we can help vendors who wish for a quick sale with a trusted buyer who can deliver in a timely fashion.

Joint Ventures

We can enter into a joint venture with a seller. We will exchange legal documents, agree a final price for the purchase of the property, pay a deposit and start the works.

The vendor will retain the deeds to the property for the duration of the development until completion and the agreed balance paid on a set date. By proposing this model, we can help people who wish to maximise the sales value of their property but who lack either the capital or experience to undertake the works necessary for a development as the agreed price would be higher than our cash buy offer!

Another option within joint ventures is Buy-To-Let opportunities and longer term relationships.

Current Projects

Through either purchase or joint ventures to enable completion of agreed projects.

By proposing this model, we can help if sellers have projects they are currently working on, that either have stalled or are struggling with the build.

Areas we work

Maybridge Capital operates in three areas: commercial, residential and hotel/leisure conversions depending on their viability, business sense and risk assessments.We study sensible proposals as per below listed developments, regardless of scale or location and base all decisions on individual merit.
Why choose Us?


We undertake all types of commercial developments, regardless of scale or location.

Brown field sites
Mixed developments
Out of town stores
Small complexes
Energy projects

Why choose Us?


We undertake all types of residential developments and aim to provide the most efficient solutions to housing needs and requirements.

Small residential blocks
Large residential blocks
Small housing developments
Large housing developments
Social housing
Building refurbishment

Why choose Us?

Hotels and Leisure

We undertake most types of work with the hotel and leisure sector. We can undertake refurbishments, new concepts and conversions to residential units.

Holiday complexes
Leisure facilities
Attractions and destination options

Any other projects

If you have any other projects that do not fulfil the above criteria that you feel may be of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at enquiries@maybridgecapital.com and we can discuss it further.


Maybridge Capital works closely with private investors, companies and financial institutions to provide the best availability of resources for its growth and development.

Mutual benefits can also be achieved in a number of ways for persons and companies willing to invest with us:


At the end of projects where Freeholds are retained, investors can either purchase them or keep the Freeholds as part of their financing package.

Individual projects

We have a number of potential projects in our pipeline at any stage, investors can choose which projects they wish to invest in for a fixed % return on an agreed date.

Longer term investments

Investors who wish for a longer term involvement for a good “Return On Investment” can invest in the overall operation for a fixed period of time.

If you are an investor who wishes to invest in the property sector please contact us via email at MAGS@maybridgecapital.com and we will contact you to discuss the options further.

*Due Diligence will be performed on source of funds prior to any agreement being undertaken as required by Law.